Registration Steps:

Regular yearly updates are posted to set the exact dates of the following registration steps:

Lower Elementary – New prospective Students 

  • Applications for admission to the Lower Elementary Division are to be submitted starting early February for the following school year. Payment of application feeswill accompany the filled application.
  • Admission applications are processed and dates set for interviews for lower elementary prospective students on a rolling basis starting February. Interview dates are communicated to applicants by early March. New students may continue to apply for the following school year until end of August, provided space is available.
  • Interviews for Lower Elementary students: start in March and go on throughout the year as long as space is available.
  • Payment of deposit and registration of accepted children: First week of April.

New Prospective Students for All Other Grade Levels

  • Applications may be submitted and application fees paid for admission to the following school year starting February.
  • Entrance exams set and dates communicated to parents starting early March.
  • Registration deposit paid by accepted applicants starting March 15.

Current NEIGB Students 

  • Registration Deposit paid for the following school year: April 15 to May 15.
  • Tuition Fees paid for the following school year: June 1 to September 15.

New Prospective Students:

A nonrefundable application fee for admission to Happiness Center: 50,000 L.L.

A nonrefundable entrance exam fee                   : 75,000 L.L., paid when first applying to school.

For accepted students only, the following are the required registration fees:

  • A registration deposit of 300,000 L.L.
  • A bus deposit of 200,000 L.L. for students planning to use the School bus
  • A development fee of 200,000 L.L.
  • Price of a pair of smocks (for KG1, KG2, & KG3): 60,000 L.L.

Current Students:

  • A registration deposit of 300,000 L.L.
  • A bus deposit of 200,000 L.L. for students planning to use the School bus

*Note to Current Students: 

Registration deposit for the following school year is only accepted from the current students who have fully paid their financial obligations of the current school year.

Registration deposits are nonrefundable, but are deducted from the second installment of tuition fee payments.

Registration deposits may be refundable only in the following cases:

  • If the student fails and therefore wishes to leave school instead of repeating. In this case, the registration fee may be refunded.
  • If the school asks the student to leave school.

Lebanese Program:

– Happiness Center Programs (Day care center): 500,000 L.L.\ Month, meals included.

– KG1 & KG2: 3,095,000 L.L.

– KG3: 3,295,000 L.L

– Grade 1 to Grade 5: 3,965,000 L.L.

– Grade 6 to Grade 9: 4,635,000 L.L.

– Secondary I, II, III: 5,355,000 L.L.

– BT I II & III (Accounting & Computer Sci.): 5,615,000 L.L.


American High School Program:

– Grade 2 TO 5: 5,615,000 L.L.

– Grade 6 TO 9: 6,435,000 L.L.

– Grade 10, 11 & 12: 7,000,000 L.L.

Bus Fees:

Inside Saida: 650,000 L.L.

Outside Saida: 750,000 L.L.

Payment of Fees:

  • School tuition fees are paid in three installments – August, December, and March, or by special arrangements following approval by the administration.
  • Bus fees are paid in two installments – August and December.
  • Registration deposit of both tuition and bus fees are deducted from the Second invoice.

Upon receiving notification to pay from the Business Office, parents may submit payments to the school either through direct payment at Bank of Beirut in Saida, or through direct payments at the Business Office in the School’s Upper Campus.


Financial Aid to Students:

A.  School Assistance

  • Teachers, employees and laborers (children discounts)
  • Scholarships to Evangelical students
  • School Financial Aid Programs


B.  Other Scholarship Grants

  • Alumni scholarships
  • Lebanese Ladies Cultural Society grants