Service Learning

Community engagement, often called “service learning,” aims at merging learning goals and community service in ways that can enrich both student growth and the common good. It is a combination of two strategies—teaching and learning—that focuses on the integration of meaningful community service with instruction, enriching the learning experience and teaching civic responsibility. By offering our students service learning opportunities, we essentially equip them to learn practically in real-world contexts and to develop skills of community engagement by offering community partners chances to address noteworthy needs.

First Secondary B: Planting Fruitful Pine Trees in Burnt Areas in Maghdouchi

First Secondary C: Social Entertainment Gathering for Children in Old Saida in a Garden for Two Days

Second Secondary Humanities: Renovation of a Bookshop for Children in Saida

Second Secondary Sciences "A": Donating  Hair Locks to Hammoud Hospital

Second Secondary Sciences "B" : Making a Lead Pencil from Collected Papers

BT1: Distributing Nourishing Shares to Poor Families

BT2: Breakfast for Laborers on Labors' Day

Second Secondary: Clothes for a Cause

Seniors: Planting Trees