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Giving your children an excellent education is one of the best investments you can make. For over 156 years, families have chosen NEIGB to provide their children with quality education in a warm, friendly atmosphere. Students receive a solid academic foundation with an emphasis on character and leadership.

Raising Awareness About Internet Safety

  • Internet Safety
  • Technical Tips
  • Parental Control

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القس حبيب بدر: "قيم النظام التربوي الانجيلي ترتكزعلى تنشئة الأخلاق الإنجيلية السامية المؤسسة على محبة الله والإنسان وخدمة المجتمع. وتنشر المبادىء الإنسانية الأصيلة والقيم الروحية والدينية والفلسفية الموروثة.

#EvangelicalSchools #UnlockingOurPotential #AESL

NEIGB is honored to host the #NEC2019 in its new auditorium. It is a pleasure for us to host your teachers and educators on April 5 and 6. #NEC2019 is going to be the conference of the year.
#EvangelicalSchools #UnlockingOurPotential #AESL
@NabilCosta @RogerDagher @AESLebanon

Happy to welcome you @NicolaSehnaoui to our @NEIGBschool for the National Educational Conference as a distinguished speaker. #NEC2019 #AESL #NEIGB #Saida

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